• Exhibition on Seoul City Gender Equality Promotion and Culture Expansion Project at City Hall
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    Photo1 Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is looking around the exhibition


    Photo2 The 'Say Yes to Gender Equality? Yes!' poster


    Photo3 ECPAT Korea's board for participants' opinion


    Photo4 People looking around the gender equality exhibition


    Photo5 (from left) Next to monitor is prize-winning works of students in gender equality competition.

    The Seoul metropolitan government held a hands-on exhibition titled ‘Say yes to gender equality? Yes!’ at the lobby of Seoul City Hall on December 1, 2017. This three-day event was intended to share the results of ‘Seoul City Gender Equality Promotion and Culture Expansion Project’, in which public and private sectors worked together. Participating agencies and organizations included ECPAT Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and Chungang University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation.

    The exhibition showed a variety forms of students’ prize-winning works on gender equality. The occasion also provided children and young people with opportunities to receive sexual education and voice their opinions on the current sexual education system. 

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