• Sexuality Education for Parents with the Justice Party
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  • The Joongrang Youth Sexuality Culture Center of ECPAT Korea launched a sexuality education program 

    targeted at parents under a pilot scheme in partnership with the Justice Party on February 7. In the first 

    session, parents were provided with sexuality education for their adolescent children. The content included the right to sexual self-determination and sexual abuse prevention among other things. The Dongdaemun-gu 

    Committee of the Justice Party, which initially proposed the program to the Joongrang center, agreed to 

    conduct another session at the request of the attending parents. The next program will target parents with 

    lower grade children at elementary school.

    The Joongrang Youth Sexuality Culture Center and the Justice Party have together pledged to seek a more 

    gender equal society through the scheme and other methods.


    Photo1 Head of the Joongrang Youth Sexuality Culture Center is talking with parents with adolescent children


    Photo2 Notice of the program

    "Dear Parents, who are worrying about your children's sexual safety..."


    Photo3 Head of the Joongrang Youth Sexuality Culture Center is giving a lecture on youth sexuality

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