• 2022 Public Interest Human Rights Program for Law Students
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  • Tacteennaeil(ECPAT Korea) welcomed law school students for the Public Interest Human Rights Program 2022, a two-week practical training scheme co-hosted by Seoul National University Law Public Interest & Legal Center, the Seoul Bar Association, and the Korea Clinical Legal Education Association.

    The five attorneys-to-be, who had selected Tacteennaeil for their keen interest in child rights and concern for the marginalized, actively participated in a series of sessions centered around support for child sexual victims. The sessions included Tacteen’s counseling and referral system for child victims and lectures by lawyers with considerable professional experience with child sexual exploitation cases. 

    Also impressive was a visit to the Seoul Eunpyeong Sexuality Education Center, Tacteen’s partner institution, where children of all ages could receive comprehensive sexuality education according to their developmental needs. 


    The training program ended with the law students expressing gratitude and feedback on each session – what they had gained and expected to gain through the scheme. Tacteennaeil also appreciated the participants’ time and effort dedicated to our cause and vision.

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